Apr 30, 2018 8:00 pm

Cygnus & Cutting Edge Concerts

Cygnus & Cutting Edge Concerts (Hosted by Victoria Bond) present new works by David Del Tredici, Anna Weesner, Morris Rosenzweig, and Richard Festinger--April 30, 8pm at Symphony Space ///// featuring sopranos Tony Arnold, and baritone Tom Kelly, and Vox n Plux -- soprano Elizabeth Farnum, with the 2 Cygnus guitarists


David Del Tredici:
'Tis Th' Last Rose of Summer --premiere
---featuring tutti Cygnus, trombonist Felix Del Tredici, and baritone Tom Kelly

Morris Rosenzweig:
Drang Nicht --premiere
--tutti Cygnus

Anna Weesner:
My Mother in Love --NY premiere
--About Weesner's Virgil Thomson Award
--featuring tutti Cygnus and soprano Tony Arnold

Richard Festinger:
Joyce Settings --premiere
--featuring Vox n Plux (Elizabeth Farnum, William Anderson & Oren Fader)